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For the Love of Latex
Interview with a balloon fetishist.


I discovered Dennis' website,, while doing research on people with balloon fetishes. His website, which is the first balloon fetish site in Denmark, is candidly open and honest, with Dennis telling his own personal story in a very matter of fact manner.Although still quite young, he seems to be a bit of a leader in his community, helping to organize various events, and maintaining a website devoted entirely to balloon fetishism.

Dennis, thank you so much for doing this interview! I've read through your website, but for those who have not, please give us a brief description of how you discovered your love for balloons.
Well, I've been into balloons sexually since I was in my early teenage years, and it escalated after I had my first ejaculation, which happened to be in the company of a balloon. After that it just stuck to my sexuality, and it's a kink I couldn't live without.

You say on your website that even you, yourself, at first felt it was a bit odd to be sexually turned on by balloons. How did you learn to not only accept, but to indulge in this fetish?
I spent a lot of time searching the internet for answers. For a long time I didn't know there was something called a fetish, so what I found was not that relevant to me until I discovered that. However, even after I discovered that word, information was still very limited about this particular fetish. One day I stumbled onto a site ranked very, very low on Google's search index, called I read the contents of the site, and it struck me that this site described exactly what I've experienced. I contacted the author to thank him, and that started my journey of sexual self-discovery in the wonderful world of sex and balloons.

Over the years you have been asked by a number of different news and media outlets, such as Discovery Channel, to talk about your interest in balloons.What is it like getting that sort of public attention for something so personal?
The first television appearance my girlfriend and I participated in, was very "non-intimate," in the sense that we weren't supposed to show any interaction with balloons really, so that was surprisingly not as awkward as we would have expected. At least not for us - maybe the host of the show found himself more uncomfortable with the situation.

Then when we were contacted by Beyond, who produced the discovery series "Forbidden." I was very skeptical, since Beyond was also the company producing the very unpopular looner feature on National Geographic’s “Taboo.” But eventually we said yes to do it. We had a 3-day visit from a 3-person camera crew in February 2013, and we had an awesome time doing the pretty hard work of producing our segment of the show. This show did however want us to show more interaction with balloons, which did make it feel a bit uncomfortable, especially because we couldn't show any "real life" scenarios on the show. Anything explicit was not allowed to be shown, which makes it very hard to describe a sexual fetish properly.

Also the participation on both shows was unpaid. However, both television appearances gave us a huge amount of balloons to keep after shooting the show :)

Your family and friends are now quite aware that you are a "looner. How did you come out to them about your fetish?

I first told my brother, and then my mother. Then when I got the first offer to appear on TV, I asked the rest of my closest family if they were okay with me doing an appearance on the show about this subject. The tricky thing about breaking the news to my friends was that it quickly could turn out as an awkward conversation. But luckily for me it was pretty easy, when I could open the conversation with, "Hey did you know I have been contacted by the Discovery Network?" Then I was always asked "Why?" and then it was not awkward to tell about it out of the blue, since they turned out to ask by themselves.

How has being a looner affected your dating life?
I don't currently date since I have the girl of my dreams, with whom I share my balloons :) But if I were ever going to date again, I would certainly make sure the girl I dated would be into the balloon idea before taking it any further. Cause I want a girl who accepts the whole package, and not just a part of it.

Are balloons necessary for you to fully enjoy each sexual encounter? Are there balloons present every time you have sex?
No, they are simply there once in a while to spice it up :)

About how much money do you spend each month on balloons?
I actually haven't spent money on balloons for the last couple of years, due to the amounts we've received for participating in tv shows :)

Where do you purchase most of your balloons?
I used to buy balloons from a shop in Germany, but they are increasingly unpopular due to lack of customer support and exceptionally long shipping time. Besides that they have the ugliest webshop ever seen. Therefore I will launch my own shop at later this year, which is going to be a shop for looners by looners, and 100% aimed at that market. If any of your readers would like to follow our progress they can find us on facebook at :)

For most of us, a balloon is a balloon. But there are actually a lot of TYPES of balloons, aren't there? Please tell us about some of the variations, such as type of material, sizes, shapes, etc...
Most looners are into balloons made of latex, and there are many different balloon brands, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For example durability, how soft they are and the ratio between these two factors. The size is definitely also something that matters for most looners, as there is something for every taste. From the small ordinary 11" balloons to the big 71"+ balloons that will fill a whole room if fully inflated

What is your favorite style of balloon?
A red or black giant round balloon, that can easily hold a naked woman while i take her from behind :)

Being sexually turned on by something so common as a balloon must be awkward at times. Do you ever feel uncomfortable when you come across balloons in public, say at a store or at a carnival?
Not anymore, I can easily abstract from the sexual attraction I get to balloons when it is inappropriate. Like you don't hump a hot girl’s leg out in public, just because you think she's hot.... if you do, then you probably belong in a mental institution :)

Other than balloons, what sorts of sexy things do you enjoy?

Latex in general, some BDSM and exhibitionism in the form of visiting swinger clubs, and having sex next to other couples.

What is a typical session of sex like for you?
Varies a lot. I differentiate sex like there is time for making love, and there is time for sex for the fun of it. It's in the fun part the balloons will get inflated.

What is your craziest looner story?
Probably the first time my girl and I had sex with balloons "publicly" in the swingers club.

Any final thoughts you want to share with us?
Visit my website to read more about me and my fetish, and like our balloon shop on facebook if you think it sounded interesting to try :)
If there are any looners out there reading this interview who would like to submit photos to this website, I'd love to have some balloon pictures! Take some sexy shots and email them to

Looner - Slang for someone who is "into" balloons
Non-Popper - A person who tries to avoid the popping of their balloons in all instances
Popper - A person for whom popping the balloon is a regular and anticipated part of the experience
s2p - Shorthand for "Sit to Pop," eg, "I love s2p activities!"
b2p - Shorthand for "Blow to Pop"

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